Our Practice can be traced back to the 1960s but its current stature was forged by Aubrey Collett in the early 1970s, partnering with Peter Hulance a few years later. In those early days, Accounts were manually typed and all arithmetic was done in the head. The Partners were on first name terms with the Local Tax Inspectors and the Practice’s reputation with the “Inland Revenue” counted for everything. The foundation of values laid years ago still exists today, as do so many of Aubrey and Peter’s earliest Clients.

In the 1990s, Lynden Richardson and Michael Hill, who were also trading in Partnership, amalgamated with Collett Hulance, strengthening and enlarging the Practice. The next few decades saw major developments in technology, which brought with it many opportunities for expansion. The office premises have changed a few times over the years but have always been in the heart of Bedford Town.

In 2008, Andrew Upton was introduced as a Partner to take over the retiring Peter’s Client base. Andrew was already known to the Practice, having served many years prior as Peter’s assistant. More recently, Mark Bottomley was taken on as a Partner to facilitate Aubrey’s retirement and help the other Partners secure the Practice for many more years to come.

Following Lynden and Michael’s retirement in late 2021 the firm incorporated, with Andrew and Mark being the controlling Directors. To assist with the transition, Charlotte Dagg became Associate Director, taking over responsibility for the majority of Michael’s client base. Charlotte was already known to these clients, having been their Client Manager for the past 5 years.

The three Directors continue to adapt the Practice for the modern, ever-changing environment.

Whilst the Business continues to evolve, those core values established many years ago will always remain!